A one-size-fits-all financial plan is a thing of the past. Our veteran team creates comprehensive plans built specifically for you and your family. You’re unique. Your plan should be too.

A team to lean on

Whether you’re planning on growing your retirement assets or protecting them for your family, our team will take the time to get to know you to help ensure that you’re equipped with a plan custom-tailored to your situation.
  • Mike Lester

    Founder & CEO

  • Barbara Jaekels

    Director of Operations

  • Debbie Comer

  • John M. Jansen


  • Sarah DeLaet

    Office Manager

  • Jesse J. Case, CFE

  • John Newell


  • Becky Rogers

    Advisor Assistant

  • Jill Clymer

  • Robin Pearce

  • Haley Brodnak

    Client Relations Representative

  • Ben Kochera


  • Jim Bailey


  • Kaylee Vangerpen

    Senior New Accounts Representative

  • Stacy Fusco

  • Katie Halstead

    Client Service Representative

  • Jesica Jenkins

    Client Service Representative

  • Beth Behne

    Senior Client Relations Representative

  • Steve Arceo

  • Mike Leddy

    Account Transfer Representative

  • Bryan Bentley


What we can do to help you

Whether you’re planning on growing your retirement assets or helping to protect them for your family, we can help with almost any financial planning need.

Estate & Legacy Planning

Wills, Trusts, and legacy planning don’t have to be difficult or expensive. We can help.

Annuity Stress Test

Have you been promised guaranteed returns and feel skeptical about those promises? We can stress test any annuity to see if you’re exposed to unnecessary risk.

Portfolio Risk Analysis

Our complete portfolio analysis will show you where you’re taking the most risk and where your portfolio is most efficient.

Tax Review

Let’s check for missed opportunities with your taxes and set a plan for moving from taxable to non-taxable retirement accounts.

Financial Planning

Our comprehensive financial plan provides the blueprint for your retirement. It covers your income, expenses, inflation, healthcare, and taxes, and accounts for your level of tolerance for risk and volatility.

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